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// Pictures below aren't by me unless Said.//



She was in the T.A.R.D.I.S. with you, "Timelords put some more regeneration power in me. So I can regenerate more. I've regenerated again, New kidneys! 

Also, Do you know how to fly this thing?"


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// It's just a Genderbend of The Doctor. Don't mind me. BTW PROFILE PICTURE NOT MINE//

"The Doctor" was the primary alias of a renegade Time Lord from Gallifrey who travelled through time and space with various companions in her obsolete and "borrowed" Type 40 TARDIS. She was the universe's "greatest defender", having saved the cosmos thousands of times throughout her long life, becoming a great legend across the whole universe.
Though largely a believer in non-violent conflict resolution, she was, when absolutely necessary, a great warrior. Indeed, some civilisations in the universe (e.g. the denizens of the Gamma Forests) translated the word doctor as warrior, (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) whilst others saw her as a compassionate benefactor, worthy of their admiration and compassion. (TV: Last of the Time Lords, The Wedding of River Song)

Although she had saved millions on her travels, she was thought to have caused the deaths of billions at her conclusion to the Last Great Time War. (TV: Dalek) Though most of the Daleks were killed in the crossfire, Gallifrey — disappearing, rather than being burned — was hidden thanks to the efforts of all thirteen of her incarnations, ten of these incarnations whose memories of this event were lost. (TV: The Day of the Doctor) Several individuals, including Jabe, (TV: The End of the World) Brother Lassar, (TV: School Reunion) the Beast (TV: The Satan Pit) and the Doctor himself prior to the eleventh incarnation to go by that name, (TV: The End of the World, The Day of the Doctor) considered the Time Lords to be extinct as well.

However, the Daleks kept returning despite her actions. (TV: The Parting of the Ways, Doomsday, Daleks in Manhattan, The Stolen Earth, Victory of the Daleks)

From the latter years of her first incarnation onward, she had a pronounced affinity for Earth and the human race. After departing Gallifrey, she voluntarily chose to spend time on the planet, (TV: An Unearthly Child, AUDIO: Summer, The Haunting of Thomas Brewster) choosing it as the place of her exile during most of her third incarnation, (TV: Spearhead from Space - The Three Doctors) and even owning property in Kent (COMIC: Fellow Travellers, PROSE: Verdigris, Warlock, Warchild, The Dying Days, Mad Dogs and Englishmen) and New York City. (PROSE: The Forgotten Army) She favoured Great Britain as a frequently visited location, taking most of her companions from there. (TV: An Unearthly Child, Spearhead from Space, The Time Monster, Rose, Smith and Jones, Partners in Crime, etc.) Even before the disappearance of Gallifrey, the Doctor spent much more time on Earth than on her homeworld.
"Hello! I'm The Doctor, Just The Doctor, Nice to meet you!"

//Roleplay if you wish. //

Species: Time Lord
Place of origin: Gallifrey
First seen in: An Unearthly Child
Gender: Female
Age: 1000+


:iconaya---drevis: A very nice, kind companion.
:iconelfangorcharizard: A cool companion!


:iconyou--monster: Genetic Life A Disk Operating System. GLaDOS. ...Strange. She likes to test.

"I'm using a computer built into the Tardis to get onto here! ALLONZ-Y! Nice to meet ya, I'm the Doctor by the way!"


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